European Board of Paediatric Surgery

Here you will find details of European Board of Paediatric Surgery's forthcoming examinations, what is involved, who is involved, as well as successful candidates from previous examinations, sample questions and suggested reading lists.

The European Board of Paediatric Surgery is managed by a committee who is governed by the UEMS Section of Paediatric Surgery.

The UEMS Section of Paediatric Surgery is also a member of CESMA.

While the European Examinations organised under UEMS aegis are not to be considered as formal qualifications, their quality and renown have increased significantly over the past few years. As a result, some countries recognise European Board of Paediatric Surgery examinations as part of their national examination.


Due to the pandemic, we had to postpone all Part One and Part Two Examinations taking place in 2020.

We had hoped to commence the examinations in 2021, however must consider the safety of the examiners, exam staff and candidates.

Only until we can be assured of everyone’s safety will we be able to host the exams again – please keep checking on this page and our facebook page for updates.

Please do continue to submit your application for the part one and part two exams – there is quite a large waiting list for places, and it would be better for you to know that your paperwork is correct and that you are ready to sit the exam when we can set the dates and venues.

Please visit our facebook page.

The European Examination was designed for all recently qualified/new consultants in paediatric surgery who wished to be European Board certified and have reached a standard that is acceptable to the European Board.


Quick Questions

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Cancellation of Exam

If a candidate cancels their examination place four weeks prior to attending, they will forfeit 50% of the examination fee.

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Regulations and Guidelines

If you are looking for a quick turn around, make sure you help us by submitting everything you are asked to submit.

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Eligibility Crteria

The Candidate must hold a basic medical qualification recognised for registration by a National Association to sit Part One.

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Taking Examination

If a candidates fails the Part One Examination, he/she must wait until the following year before he/she can resit the examination.

EPSITE to support candidates who wish to study and prepare for the Part One Examination
We receive many requests for sample EBPS Part One Questions, and although we include some sample questions on our website, we have been unable to supply full papers.

Fellowship in paediatric Surgery

The European Board of Paediatric Surgery now aligns itself with other European Boards.
We now award a Fellowship Certificate to candidates who pass European Examinations.

European Pediatric Surgery In-Training Examination

Advanced studies

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