The Board

The Examination Section is led by a Board of well-known Paediatric Surgeons from around Europe:

From October 2023 the Board comprises:

Chairperson Professor Salvatore Cascio Ireland
Secretary/Treasurer Professor Udo Rolle Germany
Examination Question Master Professor Oliver Muensterer Germany
OSCE Lead Mr Mohamed Shalaby England
Members Miss Diane de Caluwe England
  Professor Lucas Krauel Spain
  Dr Laura Saura Garcia Spain
The Examination Board is supported by:    
Examination Co-ordinator Mrs Rosemary Mackenzie Scotland


It is the responsibility of the Examination Board to adjudicate on the results and recommend successful Examination Candidates to the UEMS EBPS Paediatric Surgery Section for certification and inclusion on the European Register of Paediatric Surgeons.

The Examination Section is managed by a committee governed by the UEMS Section of Paediatric Surgery;

You can read more about the UEMS Section of Paediatric Surgery here.