Do you have any reading material of sample questions for part one exam?

We do not have any back copies of part one examination questions, however there are sample questions on our website and a list of relevant reading material.




How long is the part one exam valid for before I sit part two?

You have five years from the year you passed your part one exam until you sit the part two exam.



I want to sit both exams at the same time. Is this possible?

The usual way to sit the exams is presenting at the part one first, and then if successful, taking time to prepare to sit the part two later that same year, or the following year.


Can you please email me an application form?

All application forms, for both part one and part two, are electronic. You will find the e-forms on our website.


When is the next training course?

There are EPSITE exams every February/March which helps greatly towards your EBPS Part One readiness


How many times can I take the part two exam?

You can sit the part two exam as many times as you wish. However, we would recommend if you fail the part two exam at least twice, you take some form of extra training to increase your knowledge.


I am a qualified paediatric surgeon already, can I be exempt from sitting the part one exam?

All candidates MUST sit and pass the part one exam before proceeding to sit the part two exam


I don’t have a formal Paediatric Surgery Completion of Training certificate as they are not issued in my country. Can I apply to sit EBPS?

You may submit your CV and logbook to our examination committee for review. You should have participated in a paediatric surgery training course for at least five years and have letters of recommendation from your supervisor.


I don’t have a log book.

You may download the recognised EBPS logbook from our website and complete it from your own records.