Best candidate awards

From 2005, when the two part examination was established, the candidate who is considered to be outstanding, not only according to their examination result, but also how they performed throughout the entire examination, is considered for an award.

Previously, best candidates received a certificate before moving on to a glass trophy, and from 2023, backdated to 2021, the UEMS FEBPS Medal was introduced.

Best candidates 2023 - Abeer Othman Ahmad Aldiab and Manal ARS Dhaiban
Best candidate 2022 - Mostafa Mohamed
Best candidate 2021 - Ibrahim Ashraf Hassan Mostafa
Part 22023MunichEBPS/2/2023/C06Manal ARS Dhaiban
Part 22023MunichEBPS/2/2023/C23Abeer Othman Ahmad Aldiab
Part 22022NaplesEBPS/22/2/C18Mostafa Mohamed
Part 22021FrankfurtEBPS/2/2021/C13Ibrahim Ashraf Hassan Mostafa
Part 22018MainzEBPS/Mainz/2/C12Kailas P Bhandarkar
Part 22017BarcelonaEBPS/17/2/C18Ahmad Zaghal
Part 22016Kuala LumpurKelly Hoffman
Part 22016RotterdamSibel Tiryaki
Part 22015DublinAshok Daya Ram
Part 22014FrankfurtIkechukwu Njere
Part 22014Kuala LumpurAhmed Mami
Part 22013GdanskMuthana Abdulrahman
Part 22012IstanbulKhalid Elmalki
Part 22012Kuala LumpurTariq O Abbas
Part 22011DubaiBasem El-Nabulsi
Part 22011StockholmMohamed Shalaby
Part 22010MadridAhmed Darwish
Part 22009AmsterdamAlan Mortell
Part 22009AnkaraOliver Muensterer
Part 22009DubaiMokhtar Hassan
Part 22007BudapestNicola Brindley
Part 22006IstanbulMohammed Abubacker
Part 22005BarcelonaAshish Desai