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European board of paediatric surgery examination section

The EBPS has the authority to organise an examination to certify candidates
who have completed their training in paediatric surgery in centres recognised by the European Board.


Results and Forthcoming Exams


Part One Exam

Congratulations to the following candidates who were successful in the EBPS Part One Exam held on the 6th December 2014 in Kuala Lumpur:

  • KL/14/P1/C24 Shishira Shetty
  • KL/14/P1/C40 Saqib Ismail
  • KL/14/P1/C43 Seref Selcuk Kilic
  • KL/14/P1/C46 Tan hee Wei

Part Two Exam

Congratulations to the following candidates who were successful in the EBPS Part Two exam held on the 7th and 8th December 2014 in Kuala Lumpur:

  • KL14/C01 Aruna Janath Kumara Thalpe Liyanage
  • KL14/C02 Mathew George
  • KL14/C06 Saqib Ismail
  • KL/14/C10 Ahmed Mami – BEST CANDIDATE AWARD
  • KL/14/C11 Marjmin Osman

21st March 2015 – Glasgow, UK and 19th June 2015 – Ljubjiana, Slovenia

Oct 2015 – Dublin, Eire

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Successful Candidates Part One – Frankfurt

CONGRATULATONS to the 13 successful Part Two Exam Candidates in Frankfurt -

  • FRAN/14/2/C02 Muhammad Khalid Syed
  • FRAN/14/2/C03 Muhammad Sharif
  • FRAN/14/2/C04 Ubaid Ullah Khan
  • FRAN/14/2/C06 Ikechukwu Njere
  • FRAN/14/2/C07 Debasish Bijoykrishna Banerjee
  • FRAN/14/2/C08 Fazal Nouman Wahid
  • FRAN/14/2/C09 Hebatallah Taher
  • FRAN/14/2/C10 Muhammad Eyad Ba'ath
  • FRAN/14/2/C11 Sara Gozzini...
  • FRAN/14/2/C12 Anindya Niyogi
  • FRAN/14/2/C13 Alaa Ghallab
  • FRAN/14/2/C15 Diaa Eldin Mahdi
  • FRAN/14/2/C16 Anand Upasani

And to the best candidates - a joint award this year! Ikechukwu Njere and Muhammad Eyad Ba'ath.



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