Regulations and Guidelines

Part One of the exam

The Candidate must hold a basic medical qualification recognised for registration by a National Association to sit Part One. You should submit your completed application form, your up to date;

  1. CV...

  2. Two passport sized photographs...

  3. Your examination fee...

  4. Scanned copy of your passport...

Candidates may only sit the Part One Examination
once per year. 

If a candidates fails the Part One Examination, he/she must wait until the following year before he/she can resit the examination.

The Part One Certificate is valid for five years.

Part Two of the exam

Part Two must be attempted within a timescale of five years from success in Part One.

Once Part Two has been attempted Part One becomes valid in perpetuity.


  1. Have Passed the EBPS part one examination less than five years previously.

  2. Have completed an approved Pediatric Surgery Training scheme

  3. For countries which have no official structured training program/diploma, the candidate must show evidence of 5 years of pediatric surgery experience

  4. Two references of paediatric surgical consultants, possibly one from the European Union

  5. Evidence of operative experience (personal log book or operative summary signed by your training supervisor)

  6. Completed Part 2 Application Form

  7. Two passport-sized photographs

  8. One Up to date copy of Curriculum Vitae

  9. Exam fee

  10. Scan of passport

Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Fellowship in paediatric Surgery

The European Board of Paediatric Surgery now aligns itself with other European Boards.
We now award a Fellowship Certificate to candidates who pass European Examinations.

European Pediatric Surgery In-Training Examination

Advanced studies

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