Forthcoming exams

Before you complete your electronic application, please ensure you have all the required documentation.

Having everything ready will ensure a smooth application process for you and us.

Examination Fees

Part one Fee: €350

Part Two Fee €799

Upon completion of the part one application, a payment screen will automatically allow you to make immediate payment.

Upon completion of the part two application, your documents will be processed by the examination office, and if eligible and if there is a place available, you will be sent a payment request.

Part 1, Florence, Italy, 10th October 2024

Examination fee: €350.00.

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This exam will be conducted in English. Please confirm that you understand the exam will be conducted in English and sign below that you are fluent in English.

Please note that candidates can attempt the Part 1 Examination only once per year. If you do not pass your Part 1 exam at your first attempt, you must wait until the following year before presenting yourself once again for the exam.

Please attach documentation

Please do not submit your application without attaching the following documents, as this will delay the admission process:

  • Full CV
  • Full and clear scan of your passport
  • One passport-sized photograph of yourself
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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation: If a candidate cancels their examination place up to four weeks before the examination, they will forfeit 50% of the examination fee.

If a candidate cancels during the four weeks leading up to the examination, or does not attend, they will forfeit the full examination fee.

Only in extenuating circumstances will the Board look at transferring application and fees to the following examination. Refusal of Visa Application does not count towards extenuating circumstances.