Training Courses

Members of the Examination Committee are working on introducing a training course to support candidates who wish to prepare themselves to sit the European Board of Paediatric Surgery Examination.

Report on first EBPS Examination Training Course
17th and 18th November 2017
King Hamad University Hospital, Bahrain

  1. To provide a general understanding of the biology and pathology of childhood tumours....

  2. To understand the clinical pathways of the various solid tumours of childhood, their clinical presentation, imaging, tumour markers which help monitor the disease process, the most up to date protocol in treatment both medical and surgical..

  3. To deliver workshops on operative techniques..

  1. To discuss procedures and how to avoid and deal with complications..

  2. To discuss the value of clinical trials and the basis of statistics..

  3. To deliver the course in an interactive fashion...

A paediatric Surgical Oncology Masterclass is delivered on an annual basis at the EUPSA Congress and in other areas of the developing world.
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