Do you have any reading material of sample questions for part one exam?

The EBPS together with EUPSA will be running from May 2019 an on line training for part 1 called EPSITE. Information and registration via the EUPSA website.

I want to sit both exams at the same time. Is this possible?
Can you please email me an application form?
When is the next training course?
How long is the part one exam valid for before I sit part two?
Cancel your examination
How many times can I take the part two exam?

You can sit part two examination a maximum of three times.

I am a qualified paediatric surgeon already, can I be exempt from sitting the part one exam?
I don’t have a formal Paediatric Surgery Completion of Training certificate as they are not issued in my country. Can I apply to sit EBPS
I don’t have a log book.
Which countries recognise the EBPS Fellowship Certificate?

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