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EBPS Committee

In October 2016 a new Examination Committee was proposed, and those serving on this Committee are:

Mr Salvatore Cascio Chairperson Ireland
Professor Robert Carachi Honorary Chairperson UK
Professor Oliver Muensterer Examination Question Master Germany
Professor Tolga Dagli Secretary/Treasurer Turkey
Professor Hugo Heij Examination Committee Member The Netherlands
Professor Udo Rolle Examination Committee Member Germany
Dr Tomas Wester Examination Committee Member Sweden
Dr Lucas Krauel Examination Committee Member Spain

The Examination Committee is supported by:

Mrs Rosemary Mackenzie Examination Coordinator UK
Ms Sharon Kinloch Examination Assistant UK

It is the responsibility of the Examination Committee of the EBPS to:eu

  1. Vet the candidates submitted for registration..

  2. Organise the examination...

  3. Adjudicate on the results and recommend successful candidates to the EBPS for certification and inclusion in the European Register....

EBPS Objectives
About the exam

EBPS Objectives

The main objective of the EBPS is to attain the highest standards of care in the field of paediatric surgery, as defined in the Dublin statements of 1987, in the countries of the European Union.


The Diploma

E.B.P.S now aligns itself with other European Boards in awarding a Diploma to candidates who pass European Examinations.

The Diploma
EBPS Examiners
The people

EBPS Examiners

The European Register is separate from National Registers. European Board of Paediatric Surgery has candidates and examiners from all over the world.

Top of the class

Best Performers

We are gathering information from previous Best Examination Candidates and will upload their stories here in the coming weeks?

Best Performers